Bradley D. Smith

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Bradley D. Smith
Emil T. Hofman Professor of Science
Director, Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

Professor Smith joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Notre Dame in 1991. He teaches organic chemistry at the undergraduate & graduate levels. His research interests encompass the areas of Supramolecular & Bioorganic Chemistry.

Personal Information: Born 1961, Melbourne Australia, married with two daughters. B.Sc., 1983, University of Melbourne; Ph. D., 1988, Pennsylvania State University; Postdoctoral, 1989, Oxford University; Postdoctoral, 1990, Columbia Univeristy.

Curriculum Vitae (Short Version)

Teaching Interests

Research Interests – Smart Molecules for Imaging, Targeting, and Health (SMITH)

The work in this laboratory is multidisciplinary and encompasses organic synthesis, molecular design, biophysical methods, fluorescence microscopy, and animal imaging. As a result, the students receive broad training and the individual research topics are quite varied. Current topics include:

  • Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent Probes for Animal and Cell Imaging
  • Optical Imaging of Bacteria
  • Optical Imaging of Cancer
  • Membrane Biophysics
  • Squaraine-Rotaxanes as Novel Near-IR Dyes
  • Unusual Interlocked Molecules
  • Molecular Machines

More Information on Research

Research Group

Generally, the research group numbers around ten people and always includes some undergraduates and postdocs.

Contact Information

Regular Mail Address: Bradley D. Smith, Dept Chemistry & Biochemistry, 340J McCourtney Hall, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556.

E-mail Address: Phone: (574) 631 8632. Fax (574) 631 6652. To learn more about the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Notre Dame go to: Chemistry and Biochemistry